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Chibimation APK for Android and PC. Download the latest available version:

🔎Name Chibimation
🔗Version 1.0.0
🗓 Date 2024
📱 Devices Android, Pc
✔️Made by Beowulf, FémLólStudio
💲  Price Free

Chibimation Apk

What is Chibimation?

Get ready to experience a revolutionary new gacha gameChibimation! This groundbreaking game is the brainchild of renowned gachaVTuber Beowulf and skilled developer FémLólStudió. Formerly known as Gacha Designer, Chibimation has undergone a full rebrand and is now nearing the end of its multi-year development phase. This next-level gacha game will be accessible across all major platforms, including Android, PC, and even iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Offering an unparalleled range of creative freedom, Chibimation allows players to import their own designs and backgrounds. The game features a state-of-the-art color system, diverse pose options, immersive new music, a sleek user interface, and an entirely new character base. With its impressive roster of new assets and innovative features, Chibimation is set to redefine the gacha gaming landscape. Keep an eye out for its anticipated release in 2024!

Features of Chibimation

Here are some of the standout features of Chibimation:

  • New Assets: A plethora of new creative elements to make your characters stand out.
  • Import Your Own Designs: A groundbreaking feature that allows players to bring their own creations into the game.
  • New System of Colors: A state-of-the-art color system for greater customization.
  • New Poses: Diversify your character stances with a wide range of new poses.
  • New Music: Engaging and immersive tunes to enrich your gaming experience.
  • Sleek New Interface: A redesigned, user-friendly interface for seamless navigation.
  • New Character Base: An entirely fresh foundation for character creation.
  • Multi-Platform Availability: Compatible with Android, PC, and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • Formerly Gacha Designer: A complete rebrand with enhanced features.
  • Import Your Own Backgrounds: Customization extended to the backdrops of your scenes.
  • Anticipated 2024 Release: Mark your calendars for the game’s expected launch next year.

Chibimation Download

Will be Chibimation on iOS?

Certainly! Chibimation will indeed be available on iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. This is a significant development for the iOS user base, as they typically miss out on the wealth of new assets and features introduced by Gacha mods due to compatibility issues. The game is designed to be multi-platform, promising a seamless and enriched gaming experience for everyone, regardless of their device. With Chibimation, iOS users can finally enjoy the same level of customization and creative freedom as Android and PC users.

Is Chibimation Safe?

Absolutely! Once released, Chibimation is expected to be completely safe to download and play. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution before the official release date. If you come across any websites claiming to offer a downloadable version of Chibimation prior to its official launch, it’s advisable to steer clear, as these are likely to be fraudulent sites that could compromise your device’s security. Always stick to official channels for downloading to ensure a safe and secure gaming experience.