Gacha Nebula Apk Download

Download the latest available version of Gacha Nebula APK for Android and PC:

🔎Name Gacha Nebula
🔗Version 2.0.0
🗓 Date Nov, 2023
📱 Devices Android, Pc
⚖️Size 463.10 MB
✔️Made by Noxula
💲  Price Free

Discover the upcoming universe of Gacha Nebula, the latest mod by Noxula—creator of the iconic Gacha Nox. Poised to be one of the most comprehensive Gacha mods ever, Gacha Nebula promises a staggering 866 new assets, incorporating classic elements from Gacha Nox as well as fresh, community-contributed designs. Whether you’re looking for diverse clothing options or unique accessories, this mod aims to deliver on all fronts. Moreover, it will introduce new poses, backgrounds, and a captivating Nebula theme, all topped off with a brand-new logo. While the mod is not yet released, its launch is on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Gacha Nebula Halloween Special

What is Gacha Nebula?

Gacha Nebula is a Gacha Club mod that will include several Gacha Nox assets and will be one of the best gacha mods. The team is taking all the time they need to be able to deliver very special results. It will include new backgrounds, new poses, new props, new accessories and much more.

Features of Gacha Nebula

Here are some of the standout features of Gacha Nebula:

  • 866 New Assets: A massive library of new clothing and accessories, including contributions from the Gacha community.
  • Gacha Nox Assets: Integration of popular elements from the highly-praised Gacha Nox mod.
  • New Poses: Fresh and dynamic poses to bring your characters to life.
  • New Backgrounds: Enhance your storytelling with a range of newly designed backgrounds.
  • Nebula Theme: Immerse yourself in the mod’s unique Nebula theme.
  • Brand-New Logo: A newly crafted logo that encapsulates the essence of the mod.
  • New User Interface: An intuitive and visually appealing user interface for a seamless experience.
  • New Loading Screen: An engaging loading screen that sets the stage for your Gacha adventure.
  • New Mascot: A carefully designed, cute mascot that perfectly aligns with the mod’s Nebula theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic and user experience.
  • Pleasant Music and New Sounds: The mod features a captivating audio experience with pleasant background music and all-new sound effects, enriching your gameplay.

Stay tuned for the release, as Gacha Nebula promises to be one of the most complete Gacha mods to date.

Gacha Nebula Mascot

Will Gacha Nebula be on iOS?

Unfortunately, Gacha Nebula will not be available on iOS upon its initial release. If you come across any sites claiming to offer an iOS version of this mod, please exercise caution as these are likely to be fake and could compromise the security of your device. However, the good news is that Gacha Nebula will be available for both Android and PC, allowing a broad range of players to enjoy this rich and expansive mod.

Is Gacha Nebula Safe?

While the mod Gacha Nebula is being designed to be completely safe for download and use, it’s important to note that the mod has not yet been released. If you encounter any sites that claim to offer a download for Gacha Nebula, proceed with caution as these are likely to be unauthorized and could pose a risk to your device’s security. Additionally, the mod will not be available on the Google Play Store, so be wary of any listings there claiming to be Gacha Nebula. Always rely on trusted sources for downloading the mod to ensure a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.